Some time ago I mentioned to you guys that our blog was moving. Well, after searching for a hosting site and web designers and all of the other hiccups that go with the territory, I have finally proud to say that we have successfully completed our journey to our new site at Another Point of View. Continue reading



Hey guys, I know you haven’t heard from me in a while so I came to give you and update of what’s going on in my head. Continue reading

Poet’s Corner: Lifeless By Mija Rose


Today we have a poem from my dear friend Toni. I hope you guys enjoy and let me know what you think of it. What does it mean to you? Continue reading

Music’s No Longer An Art, It’s Entertainment

Some evening not too long ago I was on YouTube checking out who’s who in the music arena now and I must say that I’m totally amazed. Truth be told I fell out of love with rap and R & B some time in the early 2000s because in my opinion, it was watered down music and because of the amount of garbage people were putting out and becoming big name players in the industry. This only helped me at proving music has almost nothing to do with the talent of the artist anymore. Continue reading

Let’s Talk Relationships, Infidelity & Divorce


Today on Let’s Talk Monday we will be discussing relationships, infidelity and how they contribute to divorce. What causes infidelity and who is to take the blame for the “plague” we now call divorce. Is it him, is it her or neither? Actually it may be all of the above and possibly more. Continue reading

Negativity Has Nothing To Do With Me Not Liking Your Ideas


I have been hearing this word “negative” and all of its allies far too
often in recent times. The world is dying so yes I believe a lot of
negative people, things and vibes will present themselves but don’t
you dare tell me that I’m negative just because I don’t agree with you. Continue reading

Let’s Talk Religion & Updates


Good day to all and welcome to today’s edition of Let’s Talk Mondays. Today we will discuss religious beliefs and the path to the Great Spirit.  Also, I will give you an update on all things petersburgh so let’s go.
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The Value Of Friendship


Of all the relationships a person can have, friendship must be the most popular. Okay, maybe popular isn’t the word to use but definitely friendship is the one that you will always hear about although unfortunately, it’s the ending that we hear about but that’s not the topic at hand. How do you view friendships and who rates and defines them? You, your friends or both? Continue reading

Let’s Talk Dreams


Hello everyone, welcome to Let’s Talk Monday and today we will talk about dreams. Recently I have been having some rather weird and interesting dreams and maybe someone can tell me what they think of the madness. What are dreams and do they really play any part in the real world? Continue reading

You’re Damn Fine, So Close But No Cigar


Everyone who is mostly willing and at least able to be in a
relationship wants the perfect partner. Not necessarily the Hollywood
clichéd finish sentences and have the same favourite colour partner
but the one who suits them perfectly. Here’s where the trouble begins. Continue reading