Today Is Independence & petersburgh Day

Hi folks. Today is November 30th and a very special day in my country Barbados. Some 46 years ago, we became independent from British rule and it’s something we celebrate because of its significance. Secondly, it’s the most important day for me.

Today is petersburgh day people. I will be celebrating my 30 something birthday today and I plan to enjoy it to the max. Actually, I’m already a little ammm “happy” already just waiting for the day to come. I was never really a celebratory person but since 2009 I’ve had some awesome birthday parties. This year I won’t be holding a big party but I will have a lil drink with friends and what not.

I’m just checking in with you guys today. It’s not really a post per se but I had to share my special day with you guys. Until next time, be good.

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6 responses to “Today Is Independence & petersburgh Day

  1. Happy Birthday to you! And Happy Independence Day!

  2. I’m American, but I love Barbados.

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